The Sixers Try Not to Laugh as They Go Against Each Other in Amusing Bad Joke Delivery Contest

If you’ve got the wit and sense of humor, it’s easy to deliver both funny jokes and laugh at them. And while this can test one’s creativity, the challenge lies in making one laugh with jokes that aren’t even funny.





And when it comes to being competitive, athletes are a few of those who are no stranger to this, particularly when they go at it almost every day like the Philadelphia 76ers. But this time, they were trying to score points from making each other laugh with bad jokes instead of drilling shots on the court.






The young squad from Philly, including rising stars Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons, faced-off against each other as they took turns delivering head-shaking, face-palming bad jokes. Surprisingly, a few merit a few laughs.



Embiid Simmons



Hope their performance this season won’t be as bad as their jokes.



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