These Awesome Plates Can Change Shape Adapting To Your Food

Ever ambitious chefs are continuously finding different ways to present food to diners…including putting chips in mini buckets and serving steaks on slabs of slate. However, the latest culinary alchemy sees a potentially whole new proposition for restaurants; silicone plates that are so thin, they can be barely be seen. The transparent tableware is designed to add to the theatre of a meal with one particularly clever dish going from concave (a dome) to convex (a bowl) as soon as the person eating it plunges a fork into their food.





The designs are the handiwork of designer Lina Saleh whose ‘living plates’ project aims to wobble, sink and even change into different shapes as the diner tucks in. Made from silicone, they’re cast by hand to ensure they move as freely as possible.

These awesome plates can change shape


Saleh worked with professional chefs to create the plates, which are designed to make ‘a bond between food and diner through movements that extend the gastronomical experience of the taste.’

These awesome plates can change shape adapting to your food


The reaction to the designs hasn’t been particularly positive though, with many questioning why plastic plates were needed when re-usable porcelain seems perfectly adequate.



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