This 10-Year Old Kid in a Onesie Is the Next Blues Superstar

If you’re a guitar player and a blues music fan, I’m pretty sure B.B. King is one of your guitar heroes. The man’s a legend. The music industry suffered a heavy loss when he passed away in May due to complications from diabetes, but, his legacy and music will live on forever. When Mr. King’s condition got bad, one kid wished his musical hero a speedy recovery, and this awesome video has now become his tribute.

10-year old Toby Lee filmed himself playing his own incredible version of B.B. King’s “The Thrill Is Gone,” and it will surely make your jaw drop.

Toby Lee

Don’t let that tiger print onesie fool you. This kid has some serious chops.

BB King Jr

With that kind of talent, he can wear a onesie onstage as an adult and still look cool.

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