This bizarre massage method uses snakes to heal depression

A woman in Brazil has taken to using snakes in holistic therapy – and even says that the serpents can help to cure depression.



Sarah Zaad, 43, uses up to six pythons and boa constrictors to massage clients. She said: “I am known as the snake queen. I do this massage with snakes because it is a beneficial treatment to many people. People who have issues with touching and also other types of disorders, such as depression. And I have achieved amazing results with this type of treatment, reaching 100 per cent success in all cases I’ve had.”


Sarah Zaad uses up to six pythons and boa constrictors on brave customers who want to relax or be treated for mental disorders


Sarah was taught the unusual technique by a fellow gypsy in Buenos Aires when she was 20. She added that the method works because snakes have lots of muscles – so parts of the body you can’t feel during a normal massage are reached.


One of Sarah's clients enjoys the sensations of a snake massage


Sarah said that the snakes follow the rhythms of her dancing. Interestingly, Sarah’s main focus as a masseuse is to help women who have been physically abused.


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