This Cheerleader’s Levitation Trick Is Black Magic And We Can’t Figure It Out

An invisible box? Literal magic? Inconceivable levels of body control? Can someone please explain how she does this?


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The ‘invisible box’ trick is the latest stunt to flood social media as people all over the world film themselves jumping over an imaginary obstacle.

The viral craze involves tapping on the surface of an imaginary box before placing your foot on it and then swinging your other leg over it.


cheerleader ariel oliver


The mime move aims to make it look like you are walking on air.

As increasing numbers of videos of the trick surface on social media, many people have mastered the magic mime. However, others have failed spectacularly, tripping over their own feet as they try to master the move.


This Cheerleader's Levitation Trick Is Black Magic


Cheerleader Ariel Olivar from Manvel High School in Texas, America, shared her attempts online, one of which showed impressive mastery of the trick as she jumped elegantly through the air.

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