This Dad’s Passionate Jackson 5 Dance Performance Is Guaranteed To Brighten Up Your Day

They say to “dance like nobody is watching,” but so many people are too self-conscious to actually do it. Luckily for us, this 50-year-old dad is not one of those people.

John Lawless was recently filmed at a Janet Jackson concert with his son when he started to bop along in the stands to the Jackson 5’s hit “I Want You Back.” People around began to notice his passionate performance as he busts out the most epic of dance moves.

Dad Jams To Jackson 5

His moves expectedly went viral all over social media. He credits his success to his son Kevin, who ironically is an aspiring dancer, saying: “When I go to concerts with my daughter or wife, they don’t really like to let me loose.”

Dad Busts An Epic Move In Janet Jackson Concert

Bless this man’s soul.

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