This Death-Defying Sword Swallower Will Leave You Cringing At The Edge Of Your Seat

Alexandr Magala has competed in many “Got Talent” shows in the past.

The native Moldovan got the to quarter finals of “America’s Got Talent” and in 2013, he even won the Russian version of the show.
Now he’s back, and he’s testing his luck on “Britain’s Got Talent,” performing one of the most terrifying sword-swallowing stunts we’ve ever seen.

Sword Swallower

His stunts left Simon Cowell, the rest of the live audience, and probably the whole internet gasping in shock and covering their eyes in fear.

Sword Stunt

I mean, look at that! Can we just call him the winner already so he doesn’t have to up the ante for his next performance?

Crazy Sword-Swallowing Performer

What the f**k?!

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