This Dog Responding to Harry Potter Spells Is What Every Harry Potter Nerd Needs

Watching a trained do a few tricks with its human will always be an amusing sight. The tougher they are, the more impressive they look. But there are those owners who are so extra, they set their dogs apart from the rest of the pack.



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A dog owner who wanted his pet Labrador to share his interests in Harry Potter and be a notch above the rest trained his pooch to respond to specific spells made popular by the books.



Avada Kedavra



Once he utters spells like ‘alohomora,’ which is the word said by a wizard to magically unlock a door, the talented dog obeys the command by opening a door for him. What’s more impressive is he knows a few more spells and follows them without hesitation.



Play Dead



Must be a student of Hogwarts for dogs.



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