This Elevator Trap Prank Scares The Crap Out Of The Poor Victim

This is so cruel! I’d have a heart attack if I was her.

I’m not sure what’s worse, the collapsing floor, the gunge where the unsuspecting victims are dumped in, or the unsympathetic onlookers, laughing on from the safety of the studio.
Pranks are common now a days, even ordinary people can create and record their own one with the help of smart phones and creative minds. But when it comes to being the funniest, Japanese pranks are one of the best. From the concepts, props, video capturing and sound effects. They will make sure that you will rolling on the floor laughing.
On this video, a man guides a guest to the elevator. When the victim stepped on the middle part of the elevator floor, it suddenly opens. A slowmo video were captured to show victim’s reaction while falling. Below the elevator, there’s a slide to send the victim into safety.

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