This Guy Can Use Literally Anything As A Ping Pong Paddle And Still Hit Accurately

And he seems like he’d actually be able to play pretty competitively using a frying pan. Watch this Japanese ping pong player’s amazing trick shot video:



This isn’t just another trick shot video, this guy is actually a comedy genius and also a very talented table tennis player. You don’t need to understand what he’s saying to have a giggle.




Takkyuu geinin, which translates to table tennis ninja, is one of the best YouTube channels on the internet, and in his latest video, a Japanese trick shot artist replaces his paddles with just about anything else he could find lying around to knock over a pin in the corner of the table.

He then pulls off the same shot with a number of musical instruments and other objects, such as a tambourine, a spoon, a bell, and a glass full of wine.




If you haven’t seen it already, ping pong carnival is the best video you’ll see all week.

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