Guy Pranks His Girlfriend Using a Hologram Ghost!

This is probably one of the most incredible homemade illusions you’ll ever see.

In this latest video by popular YouTube channel PrankvsPrank, the boyfriend decided to scar his girl in the most high-tech way ever. We’ve all seen scary ghost pranks in the past, but they were never done in such an elaborate manner like this.

The boyfriend used a laptop and projector to perform this prank in an attempt to scar his sleeping girlfriend. Cameras with night vision were used to capture the girlfriend’s reaction to the creepy hologram. The hologram shows a haunting ghost complete with sound and lighting effects. It’s both disturbingly creepy and really awesome!

Prank vs Prank hologram ghost

It may look really disturbing to watch if it weren’t for the fact that this couple has been pranking each other for years now. And have gained a lot of subscribers and followers with every prank they post.

Scary hologram ghost prank

Nothing like the thrill of horrifying jokes to make a relationship stronger. Now, I wonder how can the girlfriend retaliate to such an amazing prank?

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