This Homemade Lightsaber Is Probably the Closest We’ll Have to the Real Thing

A lightsaber is one of the most powerful hand-held weapons in the universe as depicted in the Star Wars films. But since we still don’t have the technology to build such a weapon, one guy made one for himself using a laser.

Without a powerful energy source and the tech to contain the plasma blade at a desired length, we’re still far from creating an actual lightsaber, but that didn’t stop YouTube user styropyro from building one that uses a powerful laser that can actually cut and burn through objects.

Laser Sword

The beam uses a 7W blue laser with a Nichia GaN diode, which could effectively cut through a variety of objects and even ignite a flammable compound into flames. The only downside is the beam can’t be contained to a desired length to actually look like a sword.

Cutting Through

Close enough. For now.

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