This Is How You Can Create A Brilliant DIY Heater Using Toilet Paper And A Metal Can

Need a DIY homemade heater? Well, this YouTube user named DesertSun02 shows us a very effective life hack, which I’m pretty sure all of you guys will appreciate.

With just a metal can and a roll of toilet paper, this dude was able to create his own air heater. The heater runs on alcohol and is a viable solution to give you heat during the winter times, and can even be used for cooking in high temperatures.

Can And Toilet Paper Heater

The cans he used in the video are as follows: Progresso soup can, quart paint can and gallon paint can. The fuel used was 70% isopropyl alcohol, and the cans used to ‘convert’ the heater into a stove were Del Monte spaghetti sauce cans.

DIY Heater

And if you want more ways to start an emergency fire, consider bringing along some nails and a lemon with you next camping trip.

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