This Is Probably the Most Chill Reaction to a Car Crash Ever Caught on Cam

People have different reactions whenever they get involved in a traffic mess, an most of them involve a sudden fit of rage. But not this dude.

Christopher Telford was cruising along a road in Lancashire, UK when a car overtaking another suddenly appeared at high speed as soon as he went over a hill summit. But instead of slowing down and letting him pass, the BMW coming towards him increased his speed. In a sudden move to avoid colliding with the blue BMW, Telford stepped on the breaks hard, forcing his Toyota Yaris to flip over and land on its side.

Oncoming Car

What comes to a surprise is the manner Telford handled the whole accident. His calm demeanor from the time of the accident until he got out of the car was testament to his strong character.

Car Accident

Good thing he came out of the crash uninjured, with everybody taking the high road and not resorting to road rage.

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