This Is The Moment A Mistress Crashes A Wedding To Expose Truth About The Groom

What an unlucky groom!

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This video of a man’s mistress crashing his wedding to chastise the groom has gone viral.
groom checks out the wedding crasher
In the 44-second clip, the solemn ceremony proceeds normally as the bridge and groom stand before the officiant. Suddenly, a loud clapping sound can be heard coming from the back of the room as heads begin to turn.
groom explains to bride
The groom, who turned his head to look at the source of the disruption before quickly turning back to the bride and offering an explanation, appears stunned and embarrassed by the outburst. The bride does not visibly react, her face covered by a veil. People throughout the crowd begin murmuring as several guests move toward the back of the room.

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