This Lunatic Lady Throws Down

Is exposing your ass a new way to express anger?

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Well, people has different ways of expressing anger.
The woman in the video was recorded ranting at a counter of a store. A woman trying to stop her almost slapped her face to get her away from the counter. Not sure if she’s a friend, but the angry woman didn’t react when this other woman butted in. She rants about the store taking 200 dollars from her son and said the store was selling drugs. She threatened to call the police too.
Woman throws things to the glass covered counter while the other woman still tries to get her out the store. When she was close the door, already leaving, she picked up something she seemingly dropped and then turned her back and took her und*es off, exposing her back. She even opened it widely and slapped it, probably attempting to insult the people on the counter.

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