This Magical Gel Invented by a 17-Year Old Can Stop Bleeding in Seconds

Bleeding to death is one of the most painful ways to go. This happens a lot in war zones, mostly from gunshots, shrapnel and blade injuries. Stopping the bleeding may play a huge part in saving lives, so one guy set out to find a way to stop bleeding—instantly.

17-year old Joe Landolina developed an incredible gel to stop both external and internal bleeding using algae, which has the unique characteristic to reassemble. This eventually led him to create the right formulation for VetiGel. You simply inject the gel into the opening of the wound and, within mere seconds, closes it and stops the bleeding.


The gel works by reassembling its molecules inside the wound to form a mesh that acts as a strong barrier to stop the gush of blood.

Gel Mesh

Now the CEO and co-founder of his own biomedical company called Suneris, Joe aims to release his product for the military, emergency medicine and human surgical market after FDA approval is granted.

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