This Mini Food Kit May Be the Most Non-Instant Instant Ramen There Is

Instant meals are made to be eaten for convenience. They are designed to be prepared in the quickest way possible to save both time and effort. However, not all instant meals are not really that ‘instant,’ so to speak.





And one such so-called instant meal is this ramen food kit that’s so meticulous to prepare that it’s truly far from what you would call ‘instant.’



DIY Ramen



This is the faux ramen and gyoza kit by Popin Cooking, where the preparation process requires a bit of arts and crafts skills to make. In this demonstration, the ingredients, which are mostly made of candy, are prepared using the other items in the pack, which are cut, kneaded and mixed to make the tiny bowl of ramen topped with fishcake and egg, and a side of gyoza.



Ramen Kit



It’s probably easier to cook a full meal than take a jab at this.



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