This Mini Sushi Preparation Is Oddly Therapeutic to Watch

A taste of Japanese cuisine won’t be complete without sushi. While this delicious dish consisting of different ingredients rolled with rice is quite hard enough to prepare for an itamae, it takes a lot precision to cook and roll those of the mini variety. In this oddly therapeutic video, a sushi chef prepares the tiniest sushi you’ll ever lay eyes on, making it a fun watch.

Of course, you’ll need a tiny kitchen to prepare a tiny meal, and our mini sushi chef has all that he needs.

Mini Kitchen

The sushi’s key ingredient is the rice, and this must be prepared by cooking it right.


In this kind of mini sushi, tuna is used, so a small cut is sliced in just the right size using a tiny knife.


After the rice is cooked, vinegar is added and a piece of nori is used to wrap the mini sushi roll.

Mini Sushi

Cut into tiny pieces and serve with pickled ginger, wasabi and soy sauce.

Mini Sushi Dish

Best consumed when you’re seriously cutting down on the calories.

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