This Minor League Strikeout May Be the Most Bizarre You’ll Ever See

Sports have their rules are in place for a good reason, but sometimes the most bizarre things happen that are actually bound by these rules.





Case in point: This utterly weird situation where a player at-bat managed to strike out without even trying to hit the ball in this minor league game between the AA Hatford Yard Goats and the Binghamton Rumple Ponies.






Josh Fuentes of the Goats was at the bat when Ponies hurler Cory Burns slipped in his delivery, but throws the ball anyway. It went about 15 feet before bouncing and rolling towards the first base line as Fuentes casually swung at the rolling ball. This was when he got called on a the bizarre strikeout by the home plate umpire.






The Goats eventually lost the game, 5 – 4.



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