This Sleepy Pup’s Reaction Totally Reminds Us How Much We Hate Getting Out of Bed at an Ungodly Hour

Waking up earlier than usual is no easy task, especially if you turned in late and your body screams for a few more hours in bed. This sleepy pup is exactly how we all are when getting up way too early for something we need to do.

Thor is a Great Dane pup owned by a couple who runs a bagel factory in Birmingham, Michigan. Naturally, they all need to get up really early to start the day at work at an ungodly 3:30 in the morning. In this clip, Thor is clearly not pleased.

Sleepy Thor

Thor’s grunts and whiny sounds of protests reminds us how we all hate getting up from a restful sleep.

Hate Waking Up

We feel you, Thor.

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