This Video Of An Overly Enthusiastic Pup Failing To Jump On Couch Will Make Your Day

Have you ever been so excited about something that you’ve gone full steam ahead, only to fail miserably or experience a major letdown? If so, then you can totally relate to this clumsy pooch.

In this hilarious viral clip, a pit bull pup can be seen jumping for joy as his owner comes home. So with all that excitement, our pumped-up doggo attempt to lung onto the couch, only he fails… miserably.

Dog Falls Off Couch

He misses the couch by a few inches, falling flat on his back between the couch cushions and another seat. But rather than show any sort of defeat, the pup gets up and shakes it off. Having too much pride is overrated anyway!

Dog Rushes To Couch

I feel like this video is the perfect visual metaphor of anyone in their 20s trying to navigate life. Just saying.

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