This Video Proves Why You Should Stay Far Away from CrossFit If You Know What’s Good for You

Not all forms of exercise are good for the body, particularly if you do it all wrong and risk serious injury.





Bodybuilding purists would all agree that CrossFit is the scourge of fitness workouts due to its unorthodox way of pushing the body to do exercises that can cause serious injuries. And while all CrossFit gyms aren’t created equal, there are some that folks should stay far away from.






One such gym is Albany CrossFit, where its trainees who appear to be attempting to do a clean and jerk are supervised by trainers who don’t have any idea how to do it right. The weight is too heavy for some and most importantly, their form is just ugly.



Clean and Jerk



It’s less dangerous to gorge on chips in front of the TV than do this.


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