This Viral Video Of A Marine Veteran Crawling To The Top Of A Hill Will Inspire You

This video of a retired marine crawling up a steep hill is just testament to the grit and determination these great men have.

During a tour in Afghanistan back in 2010, Josue Barron lost his left leg and left eye after getting hit by a roadside bomb. Last weekend, Barron joined a hiking event for veterans at Camp Pendleton.

Inspirational Video Of Retired Marine

The steep hill climb was the last part of the trek where participants could see several crosses laid out in honor of the fallen member’s of Barron’s unit.

Veteran Marine Crawl To The Top Of Hill

Barron can be seen climbing the hill without his prosthetic leg after he removed it when it became too much of a burden. Other marines can be heard cheering him on as he makes the incredible climb.

Marine Crawl To The Top

That’s a true hero! Thank you for your service, sir.

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