Thousands of Crabs Molting at the Same Time Is Creepy AF to Watch

Crabs can be a delectable sight when served at the dinner table, but they are far from pleasant to see when they gather in the thousands under the sea.

For crabs to grow in size, they have to shed their shells to make new, bigger ones, which is what we call the molting process. These giant spider crabs do it in large numbers in the shallow and cool waters of Philip Bay in Australia.

Crab Army

To break their shell, crabs form an inner soft shell underneath, fills its body with water to break the old shell and carefully crawl out. The process can take around ten minutes and up to ten days to have their shells fully harden, making them vulnerable to predators, which is the reason why they do it massive numbers.

Escaping Predators

Creepy AF, but would definitely still eat.

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