Three Boys Spotted On CCTV Selflessly Helping Homeless Person

Three boys have been congratulated and rewarded after they were seen on CCTV helping a homeless person in Poland. Szymon, Wojtek and Marcin were captured walking through the city of Nysa with a blanket and pillow before laying it out for the displaced individual.


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The three boys apparently encountered the homeless man on a cold December night and struck up a conversation. He told them about how hard it is to live on the streets and requested if the boys had anything that could help him sleep.


Three Boys Spotted On CCTV Selflessly Helping Homeless Person


Unfortunately, the trio didn’t have anything on them, however they went out searching for a blanket or pillow. Miraculously, they stumbled upon both when they spotted someone throwing out furniture.

See the selfless act for yourself in the video above.


Three teens caught on CCTV giving homeless man a duvet


City guards witnessed the whole event and published it online, which attracted the attention of the Mayor’s office. The three boys were called in to be praised for their selfless acts and also received a smartwatch each as a reward.

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