Toddler Gains Superhuman Strength To Save Twin Brother From Being Crushed By Chest Of Drawers

The tot somehow managed to summon up the strength to push the drawers off his brother’s body as he lay screaming in pain.

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The toddler gained superhuman strength to save his twin brother from being crushed by a chest of drawers.
The video starts by showing one of two-year-old children lying under the drawers, clearly trapped and crying in pain. His brother wanders around the dresser, and appears to be figuring out a way to help his sibling. He tries several times to lift the piece of furniture, before eventually leaning his whole weight against it.
Incredibly, the drawers begin to move, allowing the little boy trapped underneath to wriggle free. The footage was posted online by the boys’ father Ricky Shoff, from Orem, Utah, who was actually hesitant to post the video.

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