Toddler Plays with a Young Gorilla in a Game of Hide-and-Seek at the Zoo

It’s always fun to spend a little time and play with your pets. You get to run around with them, which may be your only form of exercise, and relieve you off a little of stress. Kids particularly love to engage in boisterous playtime sessions with them, which is great for encouraging good pet behavior and make them comfortable with human interaction. However, it’s quite different with non-domesticated animals, so when a toddler had the chance to play with a young gorilla in captivity, the experience is downright awesome.

During a family’s visit to the Columbus Zoo in Ohio, a toddler was especially drawn to the gorilla enclosure, probably due to the fact that there was a young gorilla that’s just his size.

Hide & Seek

After they saw each other face-to-face through the glass, the young gorilla decided to play with the toddler in a quick game of hide-and-seek.

Gorilla Hide-and-Seek

The young gorilla eventually got tired and sat down, ending the fun game on a happy note.

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