Travellers dubbed Hulk and Bigfoot fight each other in brutal battle for 40 minutes to win £60,000 prize

Two travelers dubbed Hulk an Big Foot fought each other for 40 minutes in a bid to win a £60,000 prize and defend their warring families.



The huge cash prize saw the men go head to head in a wet, abandoned car park to settle the year-long argument.

Filmed at a “secret location” in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, the fighters, named in the video as Joe Joyce, known as the Hulk, and Patrick Nevin, known as Bigfoot, stepped out in front of a crowd.


They fought for 40 minutes


The pair end up with blood streaming from their faces and refused to stop fighting, despite multiple requests from the “referees”.

After 40 brutal minutes Patrick Nevin tapped out, leaving Joe Joyce to win by a technical knockout and collect the £60,000 prize money.


The Hulk took on BigFoot


According to Harper videos, who filmed the brutal clip, both fighters families fronted £30,000 each.

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