TV presenter screams in terror as massive COCKROACH lands on her breast during broadcast

Cockroaches are nasty critters at the best of times.


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But when a television presenter stood in one’s flight path – the huge bug took things to another level.

Mary Beth McDade was filmed screaming in terror as an enormous cockroach slammed itself into her left breast.




The mini-beast then landed and started crawling up her chest, aiming for the neckline of her blue dress.

“Ahhhh Jesus. Oh god,” she is heard saying as the bug begins to climb upwards. The blonde presenter was left desperately trying to flick the roach away using her microphone and script.




A crew member tries to come to her aid but hesitates after realising the bug’s position. “Hang up. I was coming to get it. But I didn’t want to feel you up,” the crew member tells her, as they both begin laughing.

The KLTLA reporter had been gearing up for a live broadcast last week in Los Angeles when the roach attacked.

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