Two Female Waffle House Employees Start A Brutal Fight In The Kitchen Because They Couldn’t Agree On Who Should Do The Dishes

Two Waffle House employees got into a vicious fight at one of their restaurants because they couldn’t decide who was going to wash up.



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The video shows two female employees one of them a blonde woman and the other an African-American grabbing and pushing each other near the kitchen of the venue in Auburn, Alabama. The fight escalates with punches being thrown and the two women grabbing each other’s hair. At one point, the blonde is held in a headlock and hit over the head with a spatula.

two woman fight inside the kitchen


She then retaliated by pushing the other woman and shoving her hand in her face. A number of punches are thrown and dishes get shattered in the melee. The African-American woman appears to gain the upper hand in the scrap. She manages to hold the blonde woman’s head down, even warding her off with her foot. As pots and pans get strewn across the floor, a number of screams are heard.

two woman fight inside the kitchen in a fastfood


Worried staff members then inform the two women that they plan on calling the police, but that doesn’t help to break up the brawl, which lasted for at least three minutes. After the blonde woman tries to hurl a plate at the other woman, she is then pulled down by the hair. The African-American woman sits on top of her and refuses to let up, all the while the blonde woman is heard telling her: ‘Get the f*** off of me.’ Eventually, the fight ends and a police officer arrives on the scene.



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