Two Guys in a Corvette Gets Smoked By an Elderly Man Driving a Hellcat

Being a young motorhead driving a fast car always gives one the urge to race some other fellow with a mean machine when they see one on the road. And more often than not, a nice race takes place all in the name of fun.





These mini races aren’t uncommon, but there are rare moments when some of these young car enthusiasts get a pleasant surprise, like this elderly dude who thought he wasn’t too old to step up to the challenge.



Elderly Driver



When two dudes in a Corvette spotted an old driver behind the wheel of a Dodge Challenger, they weren’t expecting him to have a bit of fun with them and took them on a little street race. And to their surprise, the old man smoked them a few times and even did a skid before pulling away.



Smoked Hellcat



Grandpa still kicking butt in his twilight years.



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