Two People Are Seen Casually Carrying A Refrigerator In The Middle Of A Busy Highway

I’ve seen my share of strange things in the road, but this case, no matter how normal it may look, is the strangest thing yet.

The video, recorded by a man’s dashcam, shows him speeding through a busy highway. But in the distance a figure of two men carrying a ref is seen. Upon further inspection it was, in fact, two blokes carrying a refrigerator in the middle of the highway.

Two Dudes Walking A Fridge

The driver had to stop his vehicle in order to get a double check, just to see if he’s not really going crazy and just imagine things. But yup, that’s two people carrying a ref in the middle of the highway — is this some kind of stupid insurance scam?

Walking Fridge In The Hghway

But why, though?

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