Two Young Children Fall From Boot Of Car While Russian Mom Is Completely Oblivious

We’ve all, on occasion, zoned out while driving and gone on complete autopilot, but this mom’s negligence is just straight up unforgivable.

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There’s a difference, however, between zoning out while driving on the same route from home to work, and being completely oblivious to what’s happening around you, especially your kids. One mother in Russia was driving along the highway with her kids in the trunk, which by the way, is strange enough.


Kids Fall Out Of Trunk
But as she was speeding through the road, the car’s trunk suddenly flies open and her three-year-old little girl and young son wound up out on the street. Did the mom stop? Nope, she didn’t even notice it.

Driver Helps Out Child
The cars behind her can be seen stopping and swerving around, trying to avoid hitting the already shaken-up kids.
Mom Doesnt Notice Her Kids Falling Out
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