Unluckiest Man Alive Drops $3,000 Engagement Ring In Pond During Proposal, And The Scene Was Caught On Film

A Missouri man who just dropped $3,000 on an engagement ring watched it drop into a pond and out of his life forever, like a really expensive turd flushed down an algae-filled toilet.


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Seth Dixon was proposing to his girlfriend, Ruth Salas, in Loose Park on Saturday when he fumbled the ring box and the diamond sphere slipped through the cracks and into the pond.




The moment was caught on camera by the couple’s friend, Maddie Villareal, who stayed with the couple as they rummaged through mud and sticks to try to retrieve the ring. The couple returned to the scene of the crime the next day, hiring a man with a metal detector in hopes of finding it. No dice.

Seth and Ruth then went to church, where they corralled several good people to wade through the swamp.




No one was able to spot the ring, and Seth is now still stuck with making the payments. The couple has started a GoFundMe page to replace the lost ring, which at the time of writing this has only reeled in $261.

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