Vicious Pit Bulls Brutally Maul a Man in New York

Pit bulls still have the unfortunate stigma attached to them as vicious attack dogs. But we have to reiterate that the dog is just as good as its owner. The way they are trained is a reflection of their behavior. You have bad dogs? Well you, my friend, are an irresponsible owner, which is the reason why people get attacked like this poor man from New York. Warning: contains graphic images.

62-year-old Francesco Bove was on his way to church in the Bronx when two vicious pit bulls broke free of their owner and brutally attacked Bove.

Pit Bulls Attack

If it weren’t for the witnesses’ intervention, he would’ve died on the spot. He went under the knife for five hours to fix some parts of his body that were torn to shreds.

Bloody Mess

The pit bulls’ owner was arrested for eight counts of assault and two counts of reckless endangerment and the dogs are eventually going to be euthanised for being a danger to society.

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