‘Want To Ride The Lightning?’ New York Cops Taunt Students With Taser Gun

Don’t get we wrong, a lot of cops out there are actually focused on their duty to protect and serve, but some police officers tend to abuse their authority.

Tasers are popular among police officers since they can subdue a target without using deadly force, which is ideal. But despite the NYPD guidelines saying that tasers should never be used on children, however, two NYPD cops were caught on film threatening to use their guns on black students.


Cops Harass African American Teens
In a totally ridiculous display of authority, one of the officers can be heard asking the kid if they wanted to “ride the lightning.” Of course, he’s alluding to their taser guns, which can send thousand of volts into a person.
Cops Threaten Students With Taser
So the police are being hired as schoolyard bullies now to harass the public?
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