Watch 42 Saint Bernards Get Taken Out for a Walk in the Woods

Getting the right amount of exercise is a must for our canine buddies, and taking them out for a walk should always be on the agenda. While it may be relatively easy to walk one or even a few, easily distracted, medium-sized dogs, one can only imagine the overwhelming task involved in walking a large pack of one of the largest dog breeds around. Apparently, for one family, it’s no big deal.

The collective sound of panting can be heard from all 42 Saint Bernards from the Lasquite’s Reg kennel as they were taken for a walk in a wooded area somewhere on Lasqueti Island in Canada.

St. Bernards

These large Saint Bernards are seen just wandering around without being tethered to a leash, which is quite an impressive feat itself.

Taking a Walk

Proper training can surely do wonders.

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