Watch a 60-Kilogram Guy Try to Take on a Massive 260-Kilogram Opponent in a Total Fight Mismatch

There is a very good reason why professional fighters are pitted against each other in specific weight classes. And unless you are highly trained in mixed martial arts, your chances of winning against a much larger opponent are pretty slim.





You will never see heavyweight boxing champ Tyson Fury take on the likes of a welterweight Floyd Mayweather, Jr. in combat sports for obvious reasons. And if this size mismatch ever happens in real life, it would mean a win of biblical proportions for a David to ever defeat a Goliath.



David and Goliath



YouTube channel True Gym came out to prove it’s one insurmountable task for a small guy to take down a massive dude in a fight and pitted 256-kg Andrey against 59-kg Alexey. Even with all the fat, Andrey’s sheer size was too much for the puny Alexey.



Throw Fail



It was still worth a shot.



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