Watch a Bunch of Idiots Try to Slide Down a Slip ‘N Slide Littered with Sandpaper

The lengths people go to just to go viral can be astounding, even if takes reaching Jackass levels.





The summer season calls for fun watersport activities in any form just to try and cool off from the fierce heat. But for the boys of TGFbro, the standard Slip ‘N Slide won’t cut it in their goal of putting on a show for their viewers, so they added a little something to make it more interesting: sandpaper. Skip to 7:08 for the actual action.



Sandpaper Slide



Instead of sliding smoothly down the Slip ‘N Slide like any sane person would do, they stuck a bunch of sandpapers towards the end of the slide. This allowed them to hit top speed before they hit the sandpaper, providing a kind of braking system when their skins scratch through.



Scratch Mark






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