Watch a Drunk Man’s Epic Struggle to Buy More Booze at a Convenience Store End in Disaster

Boozing up with your buddies can always be fun, whether it’s out at a bar or at some house party. But we’ve all already learned that valuable lesson of when to know we’ve had enough and it’s time to go home. Gone are the days when heavy intoxication didn’t stop us from chugging some more, but apparently this dude hasn’t gone past that stage yet.

CCTV footage shows a heavily drunk man enter a convenience store and struggle his way inside to buy more beer.

The Struggle

After managing to successfully grab a six-pack despite his uncoordinated efforts, but falls flat on the ground and remained there unable to get back on his feet. Shop assistants soon arrive to come to his aid, he is told to leave the store.

Six Pack

The pony-tailed drunk staggers his way back to the doors and almost makes it out, but he soon loses his balance, wobbles backwards and falls back on the floor.

Almost Out

But not without grabbing a bowl of sweets on the counter as he lands towards a shelf, scattering grocery items on the floor before falling in a drunken heap.

Drunken Disaster

No more beer for this guy.

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