Watch a Group of Magical Martial Artists Take on the Chinese Version of the Avengers in a Game of Death Soccer

China has gained quite the reputation for manufacturing either fake or defective goods. And now, even our superheroes were not spared.





With all the parodies and knock-offs of pop culture characters out there, this Chinese version of Marvel’s Avengers may have taken the cake in this film entitled ‘Soccer Killer.’



The Avengers



During the Song Dynasty, a group of patriots played against a traitor, who put together a team of foreign enemies in the form of the Avengers, in a soccer death match. The antagonists feature familiar superheroes who overpowered the first group, until China’s version of Goku, called Sun Wukong, and his group of powerful individuals intervened and managed to save the day.



Sun Wukong



Our own heroes didn’t stand a chance.



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