Watch a Man Get Tasered in Super Slow Motion

You all probably know by now how a taser works from the good number of videos out there featuring cops or drunks fooling around at a party. These tasers may be non-lethal, but they still pack a hard punch, making them a safe yet effective way to stop criminals or foolish friends on their tracks. In this video, you’ll get to see how tasers work in super slow motion, and it is quite interesting.

Since tasers guns shoot rather quickly, the fellas from YouTube channel The Slo Mo Guys used high-speed cameras shooting at 28,500 fps to capture the whole process.

Taser Slow Mo

The stuff flying out of the gun that looks like confetti actually has an important role. They have tracking numbers on it to easily trace which taser was fired and who pulled the trigger. And now for the money shot.

Taser Shot

That certainly looks painful to me.

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