Watch a Thief Turn A Regular Credit Card Reader Into a Skimmer in Three Seconds

Turning a regular credit and debit card reader into a device that steals a victim’s credit card information—commonly known as a skimmer—can take less than three seconds.

That’s how long it took for an unidentified criminal in Miami Beach to install a skimming device designed to steal credit card data on top of a gas station’s payment terminal, according to a video released by the local police last week.
thief places skimmer
The crook and his partner, who was tasked with distracting the station’s clerk, were caught on video by a security camera—but it all happens so fast that you might have to rewatch the sequence to really catch it.
three seconds only
The Miami Beach police published the video in the hopes that someone recognizes the two criminals and helps identify them and track them down.

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