Watch How a Train Goes Through a Wonky Track Without Danger of a Catastrophic Derail

It is absolutely imperative trains run on good tracks to prevent disastrous accidents that could cost up to millions in property damage, or worse, loss of lives. But by the looks of it, there is always an exception.





With trains weighing thousands of tons, having them run on warped train tracks is a disaster waiting to happen. However, this clip shows a train passing over one of the wonkiest tracks you’ll ever see and manage not to get derailed in the process.



Wonky Track



YouTube user Scott Taipale is a railroad fan who has made it a hobby to shoot footage of trains passing through the northwest Ohio and eastern Indiana region. He caught this one passing through the Maumee and Western Railroad line, which as purchased by Pioneer RailCorp. And while the company has done rehab projects on the worst parts, sections like this still exist.



No Derail



Those tracks are literally NSFW.



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