Watch How People React to a Magician Who Split Himself in Half in Funny Car Crash Prank

Violent car crashes can often result to gruesome injuries for both driver and passengers, making this kind of situation the perfect idea for one magician to stage a funny scare prank.





Magicians are perfect candidates to pull off pranks for their amazing skills in creating illusions, so one magician took it upon himself to scare the crap out of people by splitting himself in half in this phony car crash prank.



Magic Prank



Andy Gross is a former professional racquetball player turned magician who got himself into some sort of costume to make him appear his body was sliced in half during a car crash. And when concerned citizens tried to help, he came  out looking like he was holding on to the other half of his torso.



Half Torso



Their reactions were gold.



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