Watch How the Homeless Are Treated Differently From the Rich

We all live in a great socioeconomic divide: There’s the rich, and there’s the poor. We can’t deny the fact that there are people who treat each class differently as evidenced by this homeless versus rich guy prank.

A guy dressed as a homeless man attempts to dine at what seem to be reputable restaurants. He asks permission if he could have a meal inside, even offering to pay. In a very disappointing fashion, the establishment refuses to have him eat inside and sends him on his way.

Homeless Refused

An hour later, the same man drives up to the same restaurants he went to as a homeless person. In a Ferrari. One of the people who refused to have him inside the restaurant even opened the door for him.

Rich Open Door

They all welcome him with open arms to eat inside their restaurants. He then proceeds to call them out, telling them he was the same guy dressed as a homeless man, and he shouldn’t be judged by the way he looks.

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