Watch How Thieves Easily Target Tourists In Rio Olympics — It Will Shock You

If you have any plans in visiting the Rio for the Olympics, then let this video be fair warning of the dangers in Brazil.

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At one point, a young boy hangs around a group of tourists, waiting for the right moment to strike when he sees a man holding cash in his hands. Within a split second, he snatches the money away and makes a run for it.

Anyone they see, looking for an opportunity. These thieves will work by groups or solo just to get away with a steal.

Boy Steals Money Away

With the Olympics in full swing, robbery is in its peak. The thieves just get close to their target, and with ninja-like reflexes steal whatever valuables they left exposed.

Thieves In Rio

They make no eye contact, sometimes they ride bikes, sometimes they run, sometimes they even attack.

Thief On A Bike

“Come to Rio and be robbed !!!” What an excellent tourist slogan.

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