Watch One of the World’s Fastest Talkers Sing Michael Jackson’s ‘Bad’ in 20 Seconds

Spitting out words faster than I could understand them is a skill my mom used to have when I was a young stubborn kid. But despite her impressive skills, she had nothing on this dude.





One of the fastest talkers alive delivered an epic impromptu demonstration of his impressive talent when he was asked to sing then newly released song, ‘Bad,’ by Michael Jackson and finished the whole thing in just 20 seconds.



MJ Bad



John ‘Motormouth’ Moschitta, Jr. was recognized as the world’s fastest talker by the Guinness Book of Records back in this 1987 footage, with the ability to speak 586 words per minute. He had over 100 commercials under his belt and provided the voice of the character Blur in many Transformers episodes.



Fastest Talker



This dude could’ve been a successful white rapper back in the day.



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