Watch People Play an Awesome Real-Life Version of ‘Hitman’ the Video Game

With all the perpetual advancements in technology, video games have made massive improvements on all fronts, producing stunning visuals and amazing gameplay. However, regardless of the tech, perhaps nothing can beat the real thing.

Real-life gaming was first introduced via Chatroulette, where unsuspecting users instantly found themselves playing a first-person zombie game in real life, giving directions in real time. This time, gaming studio IO Interactive created real-life version of the popular video game ‘Hitman,’ and invited social media users to give it a shot.


Players are seated in front of a screen showing a real-life setup of a ‘Hitman’ mission involving the game’s anti-hero, Agent 47, giving him directions to complete his mission of assassinating a target inside a mansion.

Target Down

This takes gaming to a whole new level.

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